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Karunanidhi: Law and order has deteriorated in TN in AIADMK regime

Chennai, Dec 18 ():Criticizing the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Tuesday  said that law and order in the State has deteriorated in the past one year of the AIADMK rule.

Condemning against severe power shortage in Tamil Nadu, the DMK chief added,” After the AIADMK came to power since May 2011, 928 murders and 768 thefts including 476 cases of chain snatching have occurred.”

In response to Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s earlier statement who appreciated the police force for improvising law and order in the state, Karunanidhi said that it seems the Chief Minister has no knowledge about the increase in chain snatching in the State due to power cuts. While taking a state-wide rally against severe power cuts on Tuesday, Karunanidhi said a leader can even lose his kingdom if he lacks proper information on the State.

Earlier while organizing an executive committee meeting here on Dec 13, the DMK criticized the ruling government in the State for showing disinterest in tackling the acute power shortage and also announced to hold a peaceful statewide protest on Dec 18.

Criticizing the Jayalalithaa government, DMK president M Karunanidhi accused the ruling party citing reports that power generation could not function properly due to the absence of generators and failure of proper equipments. In order to handle power crisis, the State government resorted to load- shedding running for 16 hours in a number of areas facing a demand supply gap of around 4,000 MW.

Leading the protest at Valluvar Kottam in Chennai, Karunanidhi said that the acute shortage has crippled industries and also caused great damage to small retailers in Chennai that witnessed two hours of power cut all the day.

The DMK, who also demanded for a white paper on the issue, said that power shortage most likely will improve next year after the Kudankulam nuclear plant gets commissioned.