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Santa Claus replaces Daniel Craig’s James Bond in ‘Skyfall’ spoof

London, Dec. 15 (ANI): In a spoof trailer for ‘Snowfall’ made by YouTube’s Official Comedy channel, a cheeky Santa Claus has replaced Daniel Craig’s 007 in several key scenes.

Santa uses a candy cane instead of a gun, as his lethal weapon of choice, and strolls out in front of a black background for the iconic end credit sequence.

In the video, MI6 are thrown into a panic, with Judi Dench’s M claiming, “A week before Christmas, he stole the drive with the naughty and nice data across the globe.”

Santa appears to be a mysterious customer, prompting a worried M to look up his profile and known aliases on the intelligence service database.

She discovers that Santa’s aliases include Kris Kringle, St Nick and Slay Man, but the plot thickens and he is taken to meet Ralph Fiennes’ character Garath Malloy for a briefing.

In the video, Santa is thrown into M16 headquarters in London, along with Istanbul, Shanghai, and Scotland.

Much like 007 himself, Santa has an eye for the ladies in ‘Snowfall,’ with Bond Girl Severine (Berenice Marlohe) unable to escape the bearded one’s attention.

He accosts Severine in a bar, and cheekily recalls “sliding down your chimney into your fireplace. It was quite a tight squeeze.”

And in an echo of Bond actors of old, Santa mysteriously speaks with a Sean Connery-esque drawl.

But the north pole native keeps being distracted from delivering presents to the world’s children.

He has a clandestine meeting with Q (Ben Whishaw) in a museum, where he asks him: “Aren’t you the oaf who used to work in the candy cane department?”

Another scene sees Santa waiting patiently on a chair to face Javier Bardem baddie Silva.

“Mummy has been very bad,” Silva tells Bond, referring to M.

“Not as bad as your mummy. She emptied Santa’s fun sack under the Christmas tree,” replies the deadpan Santa.

Much like Bond, Santa gets his fair share of action, taking to the rooftops of Istanbul to pursue a villain on a motorbike.

But instead of crashing through a window by bike, Santa uses his sleigh for the dramatic sequence.

The spoof trailer ends with a comical “Ho ho- 7″ instead of 007. (ANI)