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Samuels says match-fixing scandal made him better person

Sydney, Dec 15(ANI): West Indies all rounder Marlon Samuels, who was found guilty of providing information to a bookmaker during a one-day series against India in 2007, has said the whole scandal had made him a better person.

In 2008 the International Cricket Council suspended Samuels for breaching rules that made it clear players couldn’t receive money, or benefit or other reward that could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute.

Samuels has maintained his innocence, labelling the whole saga unjust, and those close to him believe he’s in the process of trying to clear his name through the right legal channels.

“And if I had done anything wrong, that would be so discouraging for me that I don’t think I’d come back. But because of the unjust situation I was in, and what happened to me, it motivated me more and made me realise I had so much to prove, and still so much to give and gain,” News.com.au quote Samuels, as saying to a newspaper.

“For me, failure is not (an option) for me,” he added.

Samuels has certainly made the most of his international second coming, averaging 55.74 in 15 Tests since May last year, including a last-start 260 against Bangladesh. The all rounder averaged 28.79 in 29 Tests prior to his enforced exit.

Samuels has also rocketed up the T20 rankings, man of the match with a brilliant 78 in the West Indies World Twenty20 final win over Sri Lanka in October, and fresh from blasting an unbeaten 85 in the Windies T20 victory against Bangladesh on Tuesday.

Samuels add: “I’m back playing international cricket, and I’m a much stronger person, a strong fighter, stronger in the mind, and I’m much more dedicated to everything I’m doing.” (ANI)