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Kabaddi World Cup 3 : Ludhiana gears up for a grand final and closing ceremony

Ludhiana, Dec 15 (): The two traditional arch rivals India and Pakistan are facing each other in the final match of the third Kabaddi World Cup at Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana today, December 15, Saturday.

India will fight with Pakistan to capture the title once again for the third consecutive year. Men’s final match is scheduled for this evening at 6.30 pm. Pakistan has defeated India once this year, in the Asia Kabaddi Cup in Lahore November 5.

And the women’s final match which was earlier scheduled was postponed due to rain and it is scheduled to take place today. The Indian women’s team will battle against abruptly emerged Malaysian team to capture the title. Last year, Indian women won comfortably against the British women’s Kabaddi team. They beat their rivals 44-17.

The final match and a grand closing ceremony will be held for about 3 hours including the matches and a cultural programme in which actors Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif will perform.

Apart from Akshay and Katrina, Sukhwinder Singh, well-known Bollywood singer, Daljit Dosanjh, Punjabi folk singer and many others are set to entertain the crowd.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said the programme would go on from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

The deputy commissioner also visited the stadium to make sure whether all arrangements had been made perfectly, including seating plan, medical facilities, road blockades which lead to the stadium, transportation of players from their place of boarding to the stadium, security arrangements, entry points, sound arrangements and traffic to make the final event a grand success.

Kabaddi has gained great popularity in India, which has broken the limitation of village fields and has now galloped into the international arena. Countless people in India as well as abroad are glued to their TV sets to watch the live coverage of Kabaddi matches. At the same time, massive crowd is seen at the stadiums to watch the 3rd World Cup Kabaddi matches.