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Ex-CBI director claims political pressure while probing Mayawati’s DA case

New Delhi, Dec 15 (): Rejecting the allegations of former CBI director US Mishra that he was under pressure while investigating the disproportionate asset (DA) case against BSP chief Mayawati, the ruling government on Friday said Mishra’s allegation that he faced political pressure had no truth.

“CBI is an organization that works within its sphere of influence and there has not been any political interference from the government,” said V Narayanasamy, minister of state for PMO.

Defending Narayanasamy, Law minister Ashwani Kumar, while coming out of the Parliament house also ruled out saying that there was any pressure by the government on the CBI director.

Mishra as CBI director was working under NDA rule and therefore the BJP is bound to answer the allegations made by the CBI director, said Rajiv Shukla,minister of state for parliamentary affairs. Shukla also stated that Mishra is creating a new problem which is not fair for the former bureaucrat.

Repeating that the CBI director was working under the leadership of the BJP government when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, Shukla said that it is the BJP to reply on the allegation.

Meanwhile reacting to the government stand, senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu repeated his earlier charges that CBI was being “misused” by the government and also stated, “The CBI was converted to Congress Bureau of Investigation.”

Similar views were expressed by another former CBI director Joginder Singh also, who said Mr Naidu is responding to the allegations made by the Congress party that Mishra was serving as a director during the NDA regime.

Sources said the UPA government might even face a risk in another one controversy including the decision of appointing ex-CBI director AP Singh as a member of the National Human Rights Commission, if the BJP resists the move to appoint Singh.

The former CBI director Mr Mishra investigated the Taj Corridor scam in which the BSP chief Mayawati was released recently.