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Modi set to parade home with two-thirds majority,to hit a hat-trick : Pre-poll surveys

Ahmedabad, Dec 14 ():According to the pre-poll surveys of various media organizations and bureaus, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as before is all set to parade home with almost two-thirds majority, and is about to hit a hat-trick in the polls this year too.

Eight pre-poll surveys conducted so far reveal that Narendra Modi is no doubt to win with a two-thirds majority. The survey admits that both in urban and rural Gujarat, the BJP is ahead of the Congress party.

The area causing worry for Modi are the upper castes and the Patels where the BJP is sliding down but then still it is ahead  of the Congress with the help of the Kolis, Kshatriyas and even Muslims. The survey even has revealed that Muslims’ hatred towards Modi has reduced tremendously compared to 2009.

Majority people among the Muslim community said that they do not want Modi to lose the match. Modi’s admirers among the Muslim community has gone up to 26 percent from 14 percent.  It is a clear indication that Modi has turned out to be a hero from a villain for the Muslims now.

As far as the Congress is concerned, none of the leaders can match the iron man of Gujarat. The BJP seems to be in the lead almost everywhere in North and South Gujarat, and also in Central Gujarat and Saurashtra-Kutch. Political analysts say that the Gujarat chief minister has made an attempt to add another factor to his electioneering criteria this time fighting a battle against the Delhi sultanates.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) strongman and Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi appears all set to rule the state once again sending a message to the Delhi sultanate that here is a lion from Gujarat who can also be a national nominee for the throne in Delhi.