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North Korea missile launch triggers global anger

Dec 13 (): North Korea successfully launched a rocket on Wednesday causing a widespread international condemnation.

The United States called it a “highly provoking act that threatens regional security”. Critics from Obama administration said Wednesday that North Korea’s launch should make the White House to rethink its approach and give Pyongyang greater attention.

China expressed regret that North Korea had launched a satellite “in spite of the extensive concerns of the international community”. China, the long-time ally of North Korea was among the many nations that had urged North Korea not to go ahead with its plans, and had called on the North’s leadership to act prudently.

North Korea is banned from developing nuclear and missile-related technology under U.N. resolutions. Secretary-General of UN, Ban Ki-moon said the launch was a “clear violation” of that resolution.

Japan protested the launch and said one part of the rocket landed west of the Korean Peninsula and another part was expected to have landed east of the Philippines.

The United Nations, Washington, Seoul and others see the launch as a cover for a test of technology for missiles that could be used to strike the United States. But, North Korea insisted that the rocket launch was not banned inter-continental missile test, but only a mission to place a scientific satellite in orbit.

Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that the launch of the second version of their Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite from the Sohae Space Centre on December 12 was successful and the satellite has entered the orbit as planned.

North Korea has made numerous missile or rocket tests in the last decade, despite at least two pledges to the international community to halt such launches, as well as conducting two underground nuclear explosions.

A previous launch of the same Unha-3 rocket in April had ended in failure, with the carrier exploding shortly after take-off.