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12.12.12 Rajinikanth in Sivaji a Multi-Dimensional Star in 3D

Chennai, 12-12-2012 (): Super Star Rajinikanth is an actor who cannot be compared with any other in India. Although he is aging, he is not on the wane. Like he goes to Himalayas for spiritual search he achieves Himalayan success in the cinema industry. And what a wonder, he is set to innovate more!

After the international money-spinner Robot Enthiran, now with the release of Sivaji in 3D and an animation picture Kochadaiyaan in waiting, it is a surprise for those who thought he will retire due to his health problems.

Sivaji release in 3D is a value addition for the already successful film. He made the Kollywood overtake Bollywood after working with a creative team in Enthiran. He is now comparable to Jacky Chan as  Rajini fame extends  from Japan in the east to Europe in the west.

Watching Rajini for the first time in 3D itself is a visual treat to all. The technology has transformed the appearance of the actor smarter and the scenes, particularly song sequences are not to be missed. The original movie is shortened through editing by Anthony Gonsalves to keep its pace and tempo. The producers AVM know very well the people are short of time and it is also a trend to catch up with English film goers.

Most of the viewers have already watched the original 2D. Therefore all know the story line. Fans, especially the children always wait to see a 3D special effect to unfold. There are enough moments to satisfy them.

How Rajinikanth can do it again at this age of half a century plus a dozen years?? The secret is already revealed by his scripted dialogues. We have selected a dozen  punch dialogues by superstar exclusively for Truthdive readers on the occasion of special 12-12-12 birthday.

Since Truthdive have no opportunity to meet busy Rajini, we have conducted a creative imaginary interview with super star exclusively for our readers. The questions are fake but the answers are genuine.

Q1: Can you guide us how you have travelled in your life?

 A: My path is a unique path.

Q2: What is the magic in your name?

A: Everything vibrates hearing my name.

Q3: How do you manage to fight alone, attack and chase hundreds of evil doers?

A: Only pigs arrive as herd, the lion comes single.

Q4: How to predict what you will do next?

A: I will do what I say, I will also do what I don’t say.

Q5: How can we believe that you say right things?

A: I am not a person who speaks first and think later, I always think before speaking.

Q6: How is it possible for your fans to remember all your punch dialogues?

A: If I say it once, it equals saying it a hundred times.

Q7: Do you plan where to land?

A: I do not know when I will arrive, or how. But I will arrive when I have to.

Q8: What will happen if you arrive late?

A: I may come late but will come equipped with the latest.

Q9: Good men suffer, bad men enjoy, kindly explain this in  a spiritual way.

A: God shall never abandon good men. He will give everything to bad men but will let them down.

Q10: Do you believe in Fate and Destiny?

A: Yesterday I was a labourer, today I’m an actor, tomorrow? Let people say what they wish. Only God knows what I will be.

Q11: Who really directs you?

A: God proposes, Arunachalam disposes.

Q12: Can I ask one more question about Mr.Kochadaiyaan?

A:The time for my arrival has come , therefore it is time for you to go. Laka laka laka . Ha ha ha! Idhu epdi irukku?