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Saudi medics to sue blogger over ‘derogatory’ ‘cuckold’ tweet

Dubai, Dec 12 (ANI): A group of Saudi medics said that they would sue a blogger for posting a tweet, which said that anyone who allowed his daughter, wife or sister to work in a hospital was “a cuckold.”

“Several people, men and women from the profession, but also supporters and activists are joining us in filing complaints against the offender,” Dr Sabah Abu Zanada, a medical consultant, told Saudi news site “Sabq”.

“So far, more than one hundred people, including some high-profile figures, said that they would complain to the Governor of Makkah, the information minister, the health ministry and the investigation commission,” she said.

According to Gulf News, Dr Sabah said that both men and women should stand together against social network and microblog users who target honest working women.

“We want a genuine coalition between rights and media people to support our case against whoever posts remarks targeting Saudi women who have demonstrated their competence at all levels,” the report quoted her, as saying. (ANI)