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Sanjeev Bhatt’s wife Shweta challenges Modi

Ahmedabad, Dec 12 ():Narendra Modi’s intention for an exceptional third term in office appears to be little tumbling after he has been locked in an uneven fight with wife of suspended IPS officer  Shweta Bhatt , known to be a  political beginner who took on the BJP strongman challenging him in his area .

The Kathak dancer and spouse of Sanjeev Bhatt was once close to Modi but parted with him after the 2002 Gujarat riots. Sanjeev Bhatt who is fighting a legal battle against the Gujarat chief minister has brought his wife Shweta Bhatt to the electoral field to challenge Modi in his region.

When hardly anyone can ever imagine taking on Narendra Modi in his constituency Maninagar, Shweta Bhatt has come forward to campaign against Modi not for the sake of politics but her fight is about justice for her husband who took on Modi in the 2002 riots case.

“My whole family has been harassed. When my family is in trouble, what is wrong if I as a house wife come out and raise my voice, “said Shweta.

Not very far from Shweta Bhatt’s campaign, is one more woman Jagruti Pandya who is the widow of the slain former home minister of Gujarat Haren Pandya who was killed after he took on Modi.

Jagruti said her fight as a radical BJP candidate is to teach Modi a lesson for cornering her husband after 2002. “People will decide when truth comes out. Truth always appears after taking some time but will definitely come out,” said Jagruti.

Meanwhile sources said people belonging to the minority community in Gujarat feel that Narendra Modi who won twice by an  impressive margin of 75,333 votes in 2002 and 87,161 votes in 2007 will be the same as ever. As Modi has improved facilities in towns, cities and villages in Gujarat, crime has come down and ultimately there are no communal riots in the area anymore, said the people from the Muslim community. They even said that Modi should be rewarded for the good work he has done and is quite capable to become even the Prime Minister.