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Fans flock to Rajinikanth’s Chennai residence to celebrate his 62nd birthday

Chennai, Dec.12 (ANI): Fans of superstar Rajinikanth flocked to his residence here on Wednesday to celebrate his 62nd birthday.

Thousands of fans from different parts of the country stood outside the home of their ‘Super Star’, carrying banners and posters bearing his images.

Moved by the adulation, Rajinikanth expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you very much. Actually, this is a very significant day in my life. My heartfelt thanks to all my fans, well-wishers and friends who wished me on this birthday. I pray to the Almighty to shower good health and wealth on all of them,” the actor said.

The director of Rajinikanth’s 1975 debut film ‘Apoorva Raagangal’, filmmaker K. Balachander cut a 63-kg cake for his protege, and wished him the best for his upcoming film ‘Kochadaiyaan’.

“It is a very auspicious day of this century. You get such days only once in a century. I take pleasure in congratulating him once again for all his efforts. (I hope) that his film ‘Kochadaiyaan’ be a very big success,” Balachander said.

Ecstatic fans voiced their pleasure at being able to see the actor in person.

“On behalf of all Super Star fans, we wish him a very happy birthday. We are glad that we are coming from different parts of the nation. I am from Hyderabad and there are many of my friends who have come from Bangalore and Mumbai to celebrate. This is the first time Super Star has given his own glimpse after 20 years. It was 1991 when he gave the last glimpse on his birthday. Today, he is not going anywhere. He is at home. He has come (out) twice. Today ‘Sivaji 3D’ is releasing. It is going to break the records of the 2007 Sivaji. We are eagerly awaiting ‘Kochadaiyaan’,” said a fan, Rajesh..

Another group of fans even came up with a music album for Rajinikanth.

“This is an album for Super Star. It is a (result of) teamwork, all (us) college students together made this to present it on his birthday. This special occasion, 12/12/12, comes in a 100 years. To make it more special, we made this anthem today, and we have presented it to him already. It is going to be released in a week,” said Dilip, a fan.

Born in 1950 in Bangalore as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, Rajinikanth has put himself at the pinnacle of popular cinema in south India, the appeal of his films spawning dubbed versions in various languages.

‘Enthiran’ and ‘Sivaji-The Boss’ are two of his biggest hits in recent times. His upcoming movie, ‘Kochadaiyaan’, is touted as India’s first film shot using the motion capture technique.

Rajinikanth’s feats of strength in his movies have also spawned legions of jokes about his abilities, in much the same way as American action star Chuck Norris. (ANI)