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Anti-Love Attitude of PMK Ramadoss?

No. No one can be Anti-Love. Even murderers and terrorists are bound by Love. It is really strange to coin a phrase like ” Anti-Love”. Dr. Ramadoss will vehemently oppose it.

Once upon a time, when Vanniar Sangam resorted to felling of trees to make road blocks as a part of agitation to demand separate reservation to Vanniar community, the media portrayed them as tree fellers and even now some of the media men write about it for the purpose of defaming Dr.Ramadoss. Now there is an attempt to show him as a heartless person speaking against Love. These are attempts by established forces to sabotage the growing solidarity between Most Backward communities and Dalits.

People are led to believe that the issue started after a Love marriage between a Dalit man and Vanniyar woman, the suicide of the father of woman for the lost pride and a mob attack on Dalit colonies in Dharmapuri district damaging the properties and livelihood of Dalits. But, this issue is just another episode of the unfortunate stinky night soil left by the social history of India.

Love is entirely a different philosophy. No matter from where the hearts and bodies are born and brought up, it develops spontaneously and the hearts are united leaving behind all colours, regions, races, languages, religions and castes. Those who take pride of their origin and birth shall also fall in Love crossing these boundaries.

In English, the word “Love “ is assigned to many contexts. In Tamil, “ Love =Anbu” denotes universal love among any relationship. “ Love = Paasam = Binding” is the love between blood relations. In English, everyone knows what is “ Love-making” and it is related to another word, lust. In Tamil, “ Lust = Kaamam= Desire.”

There is an exclusive Tamil word in “ Kaadhal” which means again “ Love.“ In Tamil, kaadhal develops between unmarried unrelated boy and girl, it has a secret period of development, expression and relationship, passes through marriage and lasts the entire life. It is best described in Sangam Literature dating back to two millennial Classical Tamil period.

Who is my mother to yours?
How is my father related to yours?
You and I knew not each other in any way,
Just as red earth and pouring rain
Our love-filled hearts mingled
On their own.
(Kuruntokai – 40)

But why Dr.Ramdoss should speak in a way which appears to show an Anti-Love attitude to invite condemnation from many political parties? Why Mr.Ramadoss is planning for Anti-Dalit platform?

In a protest meeting organised by the VCK Leader Thol. Thirumavalavan, many political leaders participated including  the Leader of CPI. Tha. Pondian, Leader of CPIM, G.Varadarajan, Leader of Periyar DK. Kolathur Mani have participated and have spoken against opinion of Dr.Ramadoss.

Mr. Thirumavalavan has pointed out that the confederation of Non-Dalit caste outfits organised by Dr.Ramdoss is only to show his numerical strength to bargain for more votes and seats in elections. He found fault with a resolution passed in the meeting held by Ramadoss that ‘Untouchabilty is totally eradicated in Tamil Nadu.” Mr. G.Ramakrishnan has condemned Ramadoss that he is in the dangerous path of dividing the people and the opinion of Ramdoss about abolition of untouchability is a joke. He has also said,” No one can force a girl or a boy to fall in love.”

Tha. Pandian has demanded for CBI enquiry on the attack of Dalit colonies in Dharmapuri since it was pre-planned. R,Nallakkannu questioned the basis for allegation that Dalit-non-dalit marriages should fail since even arranged marriages do not survive at times.

Ve.Anaimuthu veteran and senior leader among Followers of Periyar and the editor of Sinthanaiyalan has pointed out that in the same Dharmapuri district about 23 years back, two Vanniar sisters married to Adi Dravida brothers all belonging to erstwhile Naxal movement are still living well.

Mr. Vaiko, the lonely traveler in politics has also pointed out that Dalits cannot be held responsible for the suicide of the father of the bride in the disputed Love marriage. He finds it unacceptable when a leader of a political party ridicules inter-caste marriages. Mr. Vaiko finds it overstepping when the dress code of Dalit youth is also criticized by PMK.

DK Leader K. Veeramani on his part announced a Conference on “ Eradication of Caste”. It shows that the matters have to be started once again from the pre-Periyar era. This is open acceptance of defeat of Dravidian movements in the hands of communities who are always at the top of the power ladder. While the DMK chief has condemned the PMK leader, the AIADMK maintains a stoic silence on this issue. This evokes doubts whether Dr.Ramadoss shall join hands with his sister again in the next assembly elections after proving his strength and vote bank in the ensuing Parliament elections.

An in-depth analysis will show that only the political compulsions of the PMK founder leader Ramadoss is driving him to take the alleged Anti-Love and Anti-Dalit attitude. Originating as a caste outfit,” Vanniar Sangam” evolved into a political party ” Pattaali Makkal Katchi” (PMK). With great organising skills, Dr.Ramadoss missed no opportunity to build a support base based on the ideological grounds prepared by Dr. Ambedkar and Periyar for social justice. It was going well so long as he could join hands with right political combinations. But since his calculations went wrong in the last two elections Mr.Ramadoss has been left with no choice except to go to his roots which is spread in Vanniar belt of North Tamil Nadu.

There is no denying fact that the Most Backward Communities like Vanniars are just above or equal in social and economic status when compared to Dalit communities. The movement carefully built by Ramadoss has helped most backward communities to achieve greater heights. His party could manage to get elected to State legislature and Parliament in a considerable scale.

The greatest achievement of PMK is the elevation of Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss to the level of union health minister of cabinet rank. Dr. Anbumani has done appreciable work in his portfolio although the established forces challenged him in many ways by disobeying his orders.

All the achievements of PMK as a political party came through by alliances with major political parties only. PMK  also joined hands with Dalit community in many other planks of Tamil Nationalism, Purity of Language, Eelam issues etc.

Now Dr.Ramadoss has isolated himself. He is not Anti-Love. But a pro-Political Power. Even in this he cannot be faulted since all the political parties are ambitious. If BJP can build on Hindu Nationalism by forcibly demolishing a mosque instigating violence and death and can come to power in India, who can fault Ramadoss for taking realistic caste platform and subsequent attacks on Dalits? In India, no political party can be isolated and criticized for implementing caste cards. All are naked.

Dr. Ambedkar found that

“ Cultivation of Mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence”

At this point of time the dream of Ambedkar to see cultivated minds has become a distant reality. Indian minds are subjected to politicisation and commercialization and not cultivation.

Hope a time will come when Ramadoss or his successors in PMK will support and even conduct Love Marriages after experimenting with many more political marriages, divorces and remarriages.