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Rajinikanth birthday : Special treat for fans

Chennai, Dec 11 (): Superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his 62nd birthday on Wednesday (12-12-12). This birthday falls on a magical date and so to make his birthday a special treat to his fans, many specials are being planned.

Rajinikanth’s 2007 sensational political thriller hit movie ‘Sivaji’ is releasing as ‘Sivaji 3D’ in 3D format on the occasion of Rajinikanth’s 62nd birthday. The second treat is to celebrate the success of Rajini, director Krishna is all set to launch the book titled “My Days with Baasha” on Wednesday. And, the next treat is Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Idhu Rajini Song’, which was already launched on Saturday as a birthday gift to Rajini and his fans.

‘Sivaji 3D’, which is directed by S Shankar, opens in cinemas on Dec 12 on Rajinikanth’s 62nd birthday. The makers of original Sivaji, AVM Studios have taken a lot of effort to release the film in 3D and have spent the last few years in converting the movie from its original format.

‘Sivaji 3D’ version has been trimmed by 30 minutes and has the run time of only 137 minutes. Sivaji was released in 2007 and saw huge openings across screens. And this 3D version is also expected to create records at the box office.

Director Suresh Krishna has worked on a book titled ‘My Days with Baasha’ in which he would be explaining his experience working with Superstar Rajinikanth during his film Baasha. The director has made all arrangements to unveil the book on the 12th of December, Rajinikanth’s birthday.

Having worked with Rajinikanth in four Tamil films – Baasha, Veera, Annamalai and Baba – southern filmmaker Suresh Krissna feels the actor is a superstar both on and off the screen.

Latha Rajnikanth unveiled the album ‘Idhu Rajini Song’, which is a special birthday song, directed by Raghava Lawrence. The music is composed by Vijay Anthony, and sung by the music director and Malaysian singer Emcee Jazz. Lawrence came up with the idea as he himself is a big fan of the superstar.