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Now, feel vibrations of ‘virtual water’ pouring into real cup

Washington, December 10 (ANI): A real cup vibrates as an anime girl cupbearer pours virtual water into its depths.

This is the demonstration that hints the possibilities of adding the sensation of touch to vision in virtual reality worlds.

According to DigInfo News, the “virtual water” demo gave viewers the sensation of water pouring into the cup held in their hands.

The virtual system even adjusted itself so that the water pouring sensation only came up whenever the real cup was held in line with the stream of virtual water.

A pair of 3D glasses worn by the virtual reality user has a magnetic sensor to gauge the direction the person is looking at any given time. That allows the virtual reality system to continually change the person’s virtual viewpoint, so that he or she can view a scene from any direction.

The idea from the company Solidray and Keio University in Japan appears gimmicky at the moment. But the developers think that people will want to interact with virtual worlds in 3D and with life-size characters – regardless of whether they represent cartoony anime figures or real people. (ANI)