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Modi drags PM for his remarks on Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Dec 10 (Truth Dive): Disapproving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s allegations that minorities in Gujarat are not secured, chief minister Narendra Modi criticized the PM and said that the Congress government on the pretext of creating sympathy is playing vote bank politics with the minority community.

Narendra Modi while attending a rally in South Gujarat said, ” The Prime Minister has visited Gujarat for the sake of laying vote-bank politics. I feel distressed that the Prime Minister of the country is unable to rise above vote-bank politics.”

Modi said that if he is provided with sufficient time then he would explain the Prime Minister that Gujarat does not differentiate between minority and majority, as the state government treats all the six crore people equally.

Claiming that there was no communal violence in Gujarat for the past one decade, Modi asked the Prime Minister why is he not saying a word about the Assam massacre that was engulfed in communal violence?.

He talked about Shaheen Dhada who was arrested by the Mumbai police for posting comments on the Facebook against Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray and later preferred to shift to Gujarat along with her family as the family felt they might be quite secure in Gujarat than Maharashtra.

Modi said that the PM intends to degrade Gujarat whereas girls like Shaheen have proved that Gujarat is a secure state for the minorities as well. Singh being the PM of the country is trying to create disturbance by damaging the integrity of Gujarat for obtaining vote, said Modi.

Meanwhile earlier while addressing a rally in Vansada in Navsari district,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that it is time now to “release” Gujarat from troublesome politics. “The government at the centre has been receiving regular complaints that the people who belong to the minority community are feeling a sort of insecure in Gujarat,” admitted the PM.