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Now, ‘smart watch’ that ‘syncs with your iPhone’!

Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Japan-based electronics maker Casio has made a new watch that not only tells the time, but also delivers email and phone call alerts by synchronizing with your iPhone.

The G-Shock Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Watch also includes notifications for basic things like calendar alerts, weather and stock.

According to Mashable, one can silence all of these vibrating notifications by simply double-tapping the watch’s screen.

Another interesting feature of the watch is that its built-in system notifies you when your iPhone is out of range, the report said.

Even with its iPhone-syncing capabilities, the Casio watch reportedly doesn’t consume an exorbitant amount of energy because it runs on a traditional button-cell battery.

According to the report, Casio isn’t the first to release a smartphone-connected watch.

The sleek Sony LiveView, 78 dollars, runs Android 2.0 and can download apps from the Android Market, the report said. (ANI)