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Tie that doubles as flask offers stressed staff to sneak in a drink

London, Dec 5 (ANI): Thirsty workers can now sneak in extra drinks at the office Christmas party using the clever necktie which doubles as a flask.

Despite looking like a standard striped tie, wearers of the FlaskTie can fill a hidden flask with half a pint of their favourite tipple, the Daily Mail reported.

And if you find yourself parched in a lengthy meeting, you can simply take the back part of the tie and sip from the well disguised nozzle.

The tie does not even need to be held to drink from – leaving the wearer’s hands free to complete important tasks.

The FlaskTie will have your unassuming employers fooled and the wearer will look smart and formal at the same time.

If some eagle-eyed colleagues notice the same tie has gone unchanged for a week, thankfully the FlaskTie comes in a range of fashionable colours.

The ingenious necktie was created by Shawn Baxter, who also designed the PillowTie – a tie that office workers could blow up and use as a comfy pillow.

Baxdo, the company responsible for creating the tie, sells the tie using the slogan, “The FlaskTie is a fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions.”

The ties are available online and cost 24.99 pounds each. (ANI)