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Lalu asks Nitish for his future course of action on BJP’s portrayal of Modi as PM candidate

Patna, Dec 4 ():Asking a clarification from the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on the announcement made by the BJP leaders  portraying Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav asked Nitish Kumar for his future course of action on the issue.

“All the BJP leaders have started projecting Modi to be the party’s prime ministerial candidate. Now it is up to Nitish Kumar to decide on his future course of action according to his promise made earlier,” said Lalu while talking to reporters a short while before a public meeting during Parivartan Yatra to Madhepura district.

“Nitish Kumar has to reply, the way he would select as it is now quite clear that the BJP wants Modi to be its Prime Ministerial candidate,” added Lalu Prasad.

Reminding Nitish Kumar about his earlier statement seeking the BJP to announce its Prime Ministerial candidate before the general election which the BJP had declared much earlier announcing Modi to be its party’s PM candidate, the RJD leader asked Nitish Kumar to respond on the issue to his earlier commitment.

Challenging Nitish Kumar to react soon after the BJP leaders have openly come out portraying Modi as their party’s PM candidate, Lalu Prasad asked Nitish Kumar not to make a delay in his earlier statement promising to break links with the BJP.

Lalu ‘s challenge comes in wake of  Nitish Kumar , who said a few months back  that he will break ties with the BJP if the party projected Modi as its PM in the coming general elections.

Reacting to Lalu Prasad’s challenge, Janata Dal spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said the BJP has not yet made a formal announcement on the issue, therefore the party cannot take any decision now. “Till the party makes a proper announcement we shall wait, “said Neeraj Kumar.