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Gangnam-inspired online craze ‘Aircraft carrier style’ grips China

London, Dec. 2 (ANI): If you are still not sick of ‘Gangnam Style’, then feast your eyes on China’s newest web meme: Aircraft Carrier Style.

China’s web-savvy citizens learned a new move last weekend after watching a news report about fighter jets landing and taking off from the country’s first aircraft carrier.

They particularly picked up on the funny pose of two aircraft carrier personnel, seen at the 2:37 mark in the video below, who were directing planes on board, the Daily Mail reported.

Soon, users began uploading pics of themselves emulating the pose, and then combining it with South Korean rapper Psy’s dance moves from the ever-popular Gangnam Style video – and a meme was born.

In just a few days, millions of Chinese web users were following links to the meme and posting photos and video of themselves adopting the ‘Aircraft Carrier Style’ look. (ANI)