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Now, plastic sticks that ‘never fail’ in stopping hiccups

London, Dec. 1 (ANI): Days of attempting to drink water upside down, having someone inflict a shock, or holding breath as long as possible could be over, as an inventor claims to have created a device that stops the hiccups every time.

The Hiccup Stick is little more than a plastic stick with a hole in the middle.

The user bites down on the stick and drinks a glass of water through the hole.

It seems the hiccups are stopped by the combination of drinking the water and biting the stick, which makes the throat muscles tense, the Daily Mail reported.

The idea was developed after inventor Chuck Ray suffered a bout of hiccups and decided to experiment by drinking a glass of water with a pen in his mouth – which eased his symptoms, the paper said.

“‘They didn’t stop immediately but it was enough to make me believe I was on to something,” he said.

He spent a month developing his idea and getting it tested.

“Soon I was getting calls back from people who were amazed at the results. In every single case it worked to stop hiccups, from kids as young as three to adults in their 80s,” Ray said.

“It even worked with several people with more serious chronic hiccups,” he said. (ANI)