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Kid writes ‘love letter’ to Obama in response to campaign donation email

Washington, December 1 (ANI): Out of the Millions of Americans who received those overly familiar emails signed “Barack” or “Joe” asking for just 3 or 5 dollars, many were inspired to donate to the Obama campaign, but one student at the University of Pennsylvania was inspired in another way and wrote back.

When Dylan Hansen-Fliedner received an email signed by “Barack” asking for help with the great challenges that lay ahead, the 20-year-old sought to reassure the president of his support.

“Writing this letter makes me run out of words..i love you so much that i dont know how to express it anymore..,” Politico quoted Hansen-Fliedner as writing.

He also gave a response to a missive signed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Dear Michelle, You existing makes me want to crawl under a rock. Your beauty undoes everything else-the sun dims and my childhood memories become less idyllic,” he wrote.

And when Vice President Joe Biden – or “Joe” – emailed after his debate with Paul Ryan, Hansen-Fliedner wrote back “I felt your pale eyes were telling something to me beyond words. My brain says it is just a delusion where you meant to convey nothing. My heart says there is definitely something in your heart which is not letting go of me.”

The collected writings – more than a hundred letters – are reminiscent of the viral “Texts from Hillary” meme, but in prose.

Hansen-Fliednersaid the letters were something of an artistic project, designed to highlight faux familiarity in an electronic age. He created a Tumblr and compiled the work into a book. He also mailed it to the White House. He has yet to hear back.

He wrote the letter to the current US President on October 17, 2012.

“My sweet and Darling Barack,” he wrote.

“Today a feel very happy because I notice at each and every instant the importance you represent to me and the strength you transmit, so that I can face whichever obstacle without fear or insecurity, moved only by an infinite will to make you as happy as I feel this minute.

“You are gorgeous and adorable, capable of making me realize how good it is to feel alive, how good it is that your presence makes me grow and transform into a better person, capable of turning dreams into reality and make the result of those dreams, now shared by us both, and eternalizing then into an ambience of harmony, care and love.

“My life without you would lack meaning, lack sense. Without you I would be nothing but a wandering errant, searching for my path that could lead me to happiness’s door. But with you around, by my side, close to me, I’m certain of having made the right, safer and yet romantic choice.

“I feel that all this love and care, that I share here with you, goes both ways and it fills my heart with peace and joy. Gazing endlessly into your deep yet sweet eyes, I realize the tender and pure light that pours from your heart and soul.

“I shall never let this feeling that joins us perish. Never, by any chance, let us dript away from love’s true path, built on complicity and affection.

“I love you and forever will!

“Love, Dylan,” he added. (ANI)