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Sammy says new ODI restrictions making life tougher for spin bowlers

Johannesburg, Nov 30(ANI): West Indies captain Darren has claimed the new fielding restrictions in one-day internationals make life difficult for the spinners but does not think the move targets only the Asian teams who build their attack primarily around slow bowlers.

West Indies play first of their five one-dayers against Bangladesh on Friday under the new rules which allow a maximum of four fielders outside the 30-yard circle during the non-power play overs.

Previously, one more fielder was allowed outside the circle, which helped the spinners bowl with more fielders in the deep.

“It is becoming more of a batsman’s game. Teams were scoring 300-plus with five guys outside the circle. Now it is only four,” Sports24 quoted Sammy, as saying.

“I feel sorry for the spinners, they have to find an extra way to bowl and be economical,” he added.

Sammy, however, brushed aside suggestions that the new rules target the Asian teams who rely more on their slow bowlers.

“The rules are the same for every team. It is not the first time rules have changed, it won’t be the last time. We have to enjoy the game we love, playing cricket,” Sammy said. (ANI)