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Meet the divorce photographer who promises you happiest day of life!

London, Nov 30 (ANI): A serial prankster posted hilarious small ads in shop windows which fooled punters, including one where he claimed to be a divorce photographer for hire.

Preston Likely posted the wild and wonderful cards throughout England to see whether anyone would take them seriously, the Mirror reported.

He advertises the services of a divorce photographer, who will capture “the happiest day of your life” with his “stunning photography”, while another queries the whereabouts of a dog owner known only as “Tony,” who has supposedly been lost by his mutt.

In a further hilarious post, a recent lottery winner invites applicants for various positions, including a butler, a cleaner, a cook and a chauffeur, to work and live with him in his two-bedroom flat.

Oxford-based Likely, 46, who works part-time in an antiques shop and on a fruit-picking farm, has compiled the 70 notices for a book entitled ‘Amuse Agents’.

He claims some of his witty cards received calls from often-intrigued members of the public, with one enquiring about the volunteer scarecrow position and another asking for details about a special massage service.

“A person inquired about the “extras” that were on offer [for the massage service], so I told him it was blind man’s buff, juggling and worshipping the moon,” he said. (ANI)