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Kindergarten admission in Chennai can cost as high as Rs 17 lakh!

Chennai, Nov 29 (): A parent in Chennai decided to get an admission for his daughter in a particular school in Kilpauk and offered Rs 7 lakhs to the school to set up a computer lab, before the school demanded donation from him, an attractive offer which the school could not refuse.

Similarly, one more parent promised to give RS 17 lakh to a school in Mylapore to set up a basket ball court for getting admission for his child. Though it appears to be impractical, parents are happy to offer donations to schools in order to get admission for their children discovering innovative means – all for the sake of a ‘good school.’

There are some parents who are eager to spend huge amounts for getting an admission in the kindergarten in city’s most popular schools which have redefined capitation fee,calling them different names like ‘returnable investments’ according to a news report by TOI.

In spite of the government taking steps to abolish the system of excess fees and capitation fees in schools, parents are finding new systems to attract the school authorities for getting seats for their wards.

Some of the schools are depending on the parents to lend the school huge amounts of money  and the school would pay the interest equal to interest rates offered by banks. Donations in Chennai in a well-known school can go up to Rs 4 lakh.

Now, apart from Chennai, similar system is being followed in cities like Madurai and Tiruppur also where “donation to trust” or “contribution to building fund “is on the rise. Taking into consideration as an interest-free refundable deposit, some schools also request parents to offer Rs 1 lakh and get it back when the child leaves the school.