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Jamba Cloud Hyderabad Marathon attracts overwhelming response

Hyderabad, Nov.25 (ANI): The Jamba Cloud Hyderabad ten-kilometre-long run organized in Hyderabad on Sunday, attracted an overwhelming response from all age groups, with about 15,000 runners participating in the event.

This marathon was the 10th edition of this prestigious event and this milestone occasion was used to lay the foundation for transforming the event into a completely new entity.

Enthusiastic participants practised hard to achieve their aim of completing the 10-kilometre distance.

Adding glamour to the event was tennis player and fashion icon Sania Mirza, who cheered for the participants right till the end.

One of the participants, Shyam Krishna, said that he had been practicing for the last six weeks.

“I am satisfied that I finished 10 kilometres. I took long to complete the run, but I finished it. I have been practicing for the last six weeks. This was my first time,” he said.

Foot-tapping music at the venue liven the atmosphere at the marathon, which is ranked among the top ten in India.

Not letting disability becoming hindrance in their path, participants like Srinivas Rao were a source of inspiration for other athletes at the event.

He said that he was thrilled to be part of such an event.

“I have been participating in this marathon, since the time this event was first organized. I have participated in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai marathons. I am very happy to participate that I have come here to inspire others,” said Rao.

The winner of the marathon, Ethiopia’s Mosinet Geremew, was happy to be in Hyderabad and appreciated the people of the country for their warmth.

“In India, people are very nice. I am very happy,” he said.

An elaborate felicitation ceremony was held, where the winners were given medals.

There were two events, namely the 10 kilometre run, open to those above 15 years of age and the seven kilometre Mazza Run, which was open to those over 12 years of age. The 10 kilometres run had the overall category, the Indian category, the veteran category, the senior veteran category and super veteran category.

Procam International, organiser of the Mumbai Marathon, Delhi Marathon and World 10 kilometre, Bangalore, promoted this marathon.

The run carried a total prize money of 1.7 million rupees. (ANI)