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Hackers deface Google Pakistan, 200 other websites

Karachi, Nov. 25 (ANI): Google’s Pakistan page, along with more than 200 other .pk domains, have been hacked and defaced.

The hackers, who called themselves ‘eboz’, replaced Google’s logo with a picture of two penguins walking up a bridge at sunset, reports The Express Tribune.

The news of the hack went viral, with and bloggers and twitterati reporting the development throughout the day.

“Yes, google.com.pk, along with 284 other .pk domains, was hacked today”, stated Propakistani, a technology blog based in Islamabad.

According to Propakistani, Microsoft.pk, apple.pk, paypal.pk, ebay.pk, blogspot.pk, chrome.pk and cisco.pk were among the pages defaced.

None have claimed responsibility for the defacement of the domains, but according to most bloggers, the hackers left a message in Turkish on the Google page.

‘Pakistan Downed’ was the only English phrase in the entire message. (ANI)