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Bigg Boss 6 : Imam Siddique re-enters, Rakhi Sawant enters after six years

Mumbai, Nov 24 (): Imam Siddique, who was thrown out of Bigg Boss house for his shocking behaviour before three days, is now ready to re-enter Bigg Boss house.

Previously in his first visit, Imam had indulged in doing some undesirable activities like wearing a body fit-suit that gave him a nude look appearance, had a quarrel with fellow participants Aashka Goradia and broke few objects in the house. Now, the actor is extremely apologetic on his misdeeds.

Imam said to the viewers, “I would wish to apologise with folded hands for my behaviour. I lost my peace of mind. But I request the fans to support me and vote for me.”

“After three days when I was thrown out of the house, I did some self-introspection. I realised I had badly behaved and sent wrong information to the spectators watching this family show. The explanation which I can give is that I am a free spirit and being cooped up  in a house brought out some insane thoughts in me. I feel uneasy and I beg forgiveness,” said Imam.

The fashion stylist defends, “I won’t change but the haivaan is out of my system. I do not act to shock the people. I am an elegant, modern dancer and one-piece bodysuit leotard is part of the dance outfit”. And he will be going back to the rural mud house.

And another entrant into the Bigg Boss house is the original firebrand of the house Rakhi Sawant. She is entering into the house this Saturday after six years.

Rakhi was a part of Bigg Boss season 1. And now she is back in season 6. She will be a part of the Saturday episode along with Salman Khan. After an entertainment show with Salman, Rakhi will be seen going inside the Bigg Boss house.

Rakhi Sawant needs no much introduction about her or about brand of entertainment. The combination of Rakhi-Salman and the house-mates will be a volatile one for sure, but a entertaining one.