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Ramdev to support Mamata’s call of no-confidence motion against UPA

New Delhi, Nov 19 (): Supporting the move of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s decision of a no-confidence motion against the ruling Congress government, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev today announced his decision to extend his support to the West Bangal Chief Minister.

While speaking to reporters Ramdev said, “My support will be there for the Trinamool chief who plans to move a no-confidence motion against the UPA government. Political parties who wish to serve the country have to support the cause. As far as I am concerned this corrupt government should not be allowed to rule even for a day.”

The party has lost total morality and the Constitutional rights to rule the country owing to series of corruptions developing in the public domain, said the Yoga guru. Abusing the image of the ruling party, Ramdev added that due to widespread scams like coal scam, 2G spectrum scam, the Congress party has no right to remain in power at the national level.

Meanwhile, disapproving Mamata Banerjee’s target, the Congress on Sunday criticized the Trinamool chief for planning to move a no-confidence motion against the UPA with just nineteen MPs and also accused her for getting mingled with the BJP and the CPM.

This reflects the corrupt politics of the Trinamool Congress chief and her lack of knowledge, said Pradip Bhattacharya, State Congress president who also added that the Congress would take a state-wide protest against Mamata on Nov 22.

The Trinamool which claims to be secular is now banking on communal parties like the BJP without realizing that the Muslims in Bengal are watching this, observed Bhattacharya who also said that Mamata’s approach is a shameful act.

The TMC, who parted ways with the UPA coalition owing to differences on FDI in retail in mid-September, has  announced to bring a no-confidence motion against the ruling Congress on the first day of the winter session of parliament which is to begin on Nov 22 .