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Narendra Modi addresses rally using 3D technology

Ahmedabad, Nov 19 (): For the first time Gujarat chief Minister Narendra Modi launched his hi-tech election poll campaign on Sunday by addressing at four places simultaneously in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat.

Telecasting the speech, concurrently at specially erected screens, the Gujarat chief minister addressed from a studio in Gandhinagar, through 3D holographic technology and satellite link-ups.

This is claimed to be the first incident in the world where an election campaign is being telecast at four places with the help of 3D technology. “People viewed an exclusive and an incident for the first time ever,” said the Gujarat strongman.

Former cricketer Navjot Singh Siddhu including the BJP national vice-president Purushottam Rupala made their presence in the meeting which was held in Ahmedabad.  Taking a dig at the Congress the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, who spoke from a studio in Gandhinagar   criticized the Congress for comparing him with “monkey” and “rats”.

Taking a pride in calling him by the name of these creatures, Modi said that he is happy by these names as these creatures are considered to be the messengers of God.

“If the Congress leaders would have been aware of Ramayana, they might have got the knowledge of ‘vanar shakti’. There is no use of talking to people who have no such knowledge. I am happy by the title given to me,” said Modi hitting at the Congress group for using impolite language.

Considering him to be the Hanuman of Gujarat, Modi said, “Lord Hanuman’s dedication and services are known all over the world and I am happy that I have got such an opportunity to serve the people.”

While responding to the allegations on distributing rural grazing lands for commercial purposes, Modi claimed that he had been allocating only waste land in coastal area for commercial use, while the Congress governments allotted 90 percent of fertile land in south Gujarat for the purpose.