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Sri Lankan war a serious failure of UN – Panel report has shocking revelations

Nov 18 (): A 128-page UN report released recently by a panel set up by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has brought out the failure of the United Nations to protect the thousands of innocent Tamil civilians killed in the bloody ethnic conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

It also has shocking revelations on the number of civilian deaths during the decades’-old war waged by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamil rebels.

The United Nations in this new report has admitted to holding back the large number of civilian casualties. The report states that about 3, 60,000 people lived in Vanni at the time of war but it was reported that only 2, 80,000 people moved into places controlled by the Sri Lankan Army. If so, where are the remaining 80,000 civilians? questions athirvu.com.

The new report essentially brings attention to the performance of the international body, UN during the war. Fewer than 10,000 civilians had died according to government estimates and casualty figures as per earlier report. But, the current report gives out reliable information that over 70,000 deaths were unaccounted for according to sources.

The UN report in its conclusion has reiterated the point that events as occurred in Sri Lanka should not be repeated again in terms of protecting humanitarian responsibilities of the international body.

In response to this shocking report, Ban Ki-moon has stated that the world body required learning from its grave findings. He further added that he would put in place a senior–level team to examine the recommendations of the panel and advise him on future course of action.

The Sri Lankan government has been repeatedly rubbishing the war crime allegations it committed against the separatist Tamil rebels and has also denied intimidating the UN representatives that has been suggested in the report.

Sri Lanka’s powerful Tamil political party, The Tamil National Alliance, has demanded for an international investigation into the United Nations’ failure to safeguard civilians during the country’s civil war.

The government of Sri Lanka has not reacted to this UN report.