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Mamata requests parties including arch rival CPM to back no-confidence motion

New Delhi, Nov 18 (): Requesting all political parties including arch-rival the CPM to extend their support in moving a no-confidence motion against the ruling government, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced on Saturday to move such a motion on the very first day of the winter session of the parliament.

With nineteen members in her kitty, Mamata’s Trinamool Congress is far off from a requisite of fifty members essential to move a no-confidence motion in the house. The West Bengal Chief Minister has requested the nationalist and devoted parties in the UPA as well as the CPM to come forward and support her motion if they wish to save the country from the ruling government’s unkind policies such as the FDI in retail, hike in diesel and petrol, raising the cost of fertilizer and LPG cylinders.

“It is our responsibility to unite at this crucial period for the good sake of the country. It is up to the political parties to decide whether to support the motion or not,” added the Trinamool chief.

This action of Mamata was viewed by the Left parties as crying out of fear. Already the CPM has issued a notice seeking a discussion on FDI under section 184 that calls for a separation following a debate.

“The CPM wishes to oppose the FDI in Parliament and is willing to detach the ruling government in this issue,” said Nilotpal Basu CPM central committee member. Parties who oppose the FDI in retail and also prefer the government to continue shall follow the ruling Congress if at all a no-confidence motion puts the UPA’s survival in danger, said the CPM leader.

Now it is quite clear that either the Trinamool or the CPM has enough power in the Lok Sabha to bring a no-confidence motion which could likely do any harm to the UPA.

On the other hand, while requesting the parties for supporting her move Mamata did not talk about the BJP despite the fact that without the BJP’s support it is not easy to pass the no-confidence motion.