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Property dispute kills Chadha brothers

New Delhi, Nov 17 (): Ponty Chadha, the liquor magnate and his brother Hardeep were killed at a Delhi farmhouse in a firing on Saturday. A security guard was also injured in the firing, said sources.

A quarrel which broke out between the two brothers in which the elder brother Hardeep fired at the younger one Ponty killing him on the spot. Hearing the gun shot Ponty’s guards ran for Ponty’s rescue and opened fire at Hardeep who too returned fire injuring the guard.

The incident occurred today in the farm house between 1:00 pm – 1: 30 pm, said sources. According to police, the brothers called for a meeting in the farmhouse to resolve a property dispute. There were several problems between both the brothers relating to property issues, said Hardeep’s lawyer.

In the preliminary report, police though said that both the brothers opened fire and killed each other, later changed it by saying that the elder brother Hardeep Chadha first gunned down the younger one Ponty, in return Hardeep was shot by Ponty’s guards.

According to family members they said that quarrel often took place in the recent past between the brothers due to a recently signed real estate deal which finally resulted in death.

After both brothers were taken to the hospital in South Delhi, it came to be known that Ponty Chadha’s body bore six bullets, said a report. Both the brothers were managing the business combine in the National Capital under the Wave brand.

Police are investigating the injured guard who could have been an eye witness to the incident. Two pistols and some bullets were also recovered from the farmhouse where the incident took place, said the police.

Ponty Chadha’s original name was Gurpreet Chadha who apart from liquor business had interests in film production and the sudden rise in the past ten years led to lot of rumours regarding the sources of Ponty’s wealth as well as his political relationship.