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Kapil Dev talks in favour of Test matches

New Delhi, Nov 17 (): Kapil Dev, former Indian cricket team captain on Friday rejected the ICC’s decision of including day-night Test matches  in future.

However, the all-rounder player feels bringing in singers, actors or cheerleaders to do their performance in between the matches for the sake of attracting big crowd to the Test cricket’s promotion can be used.

“A Test match in cricket is a decisive test for a cricketer as well as the game. The board of cricket should now find way to encourage Test cricket,” stated Kapil. He added, ”If promotion is done only for T20 cricket, TV channels will only telecast T20 games, the players will select a very easy choice of playing.”

Ajay Jadeja, another former Indian team captain, added Test cricket is now at the down to statistics alone, but Test cricket has lot of enthusiastic stories and our youngsters must know all those stories.

He explained, “Cricket is concerned not about just numbers. Stories about the cricketers have to be told to increase passion among youngsters for the Test cricket. Each cricketer has a different interesting story and that is everything about Test cricket”.

Suresh Raina, present India cricketer, too agreed with the senior cricketers and insisted he would play for India in Test arena.

They, however, admitted cricket has big money these days, especially emergence of T20 matches has made cricket better than ever.

The former Indian skipper said money is good for both cricketers and cricket but only if money is used in proper manner.

When Raina was asked whether he would prefer playing cricket for the country for IPL franchise, the cricketer said though IPL T20 cricket matches offer quick and big money, for him “the satisfaction will be more while playing cricket for India rather than teaming up with IPL team.”

And also Jadeja added, “A youngster begins playing at young age from 10 or from 12, it is passion that takes him to game and not the money. More money in the game has encouraged today more people to start playing cricket when they attain a certain age. In one way, it is good as it raises healthy competition, so more good players might emerge.”