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Japan on course for election on Dec 16 for seventh PM in six years

Tokyo, Nov 17 (): Japan PM Yoshihiko Noda dissolved lower house of parliament on Friday, when Japan is heading for an election on December 16, which is likely to make a comeback to the dominant Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to assume power with conservative former PM at the control.

That view has reiterated concerns that the former PM Shinzo Abe, who the polls suggest is likely to become the next chief, who will further fight ties with China, where the territorial row have already chilled up over the disputed islands.

After lower house of parliament was dissolved, Shinzo Abe, who was the PM in 2006-2007, told news conference that the fight is on restoring Japan and said they would regain strong economy.

“We will restore the foreign policy. We’ll strongly request the voters on our need to re-establish the Japan-U.S. association, which was damaged badly by Democratic Party government. Alliance with US will help defend our country, national interests and territories.”

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda warned about the dangers of talking tough.”We have encouraged security policy and diplomacy from a broad perspective which is practical and calm,” Noda told the ruling party MPs. “Japan will face danger, if we get into extreme jingoism.”

Some of them expect this election to give a policy stalemate which has plagued economy as it fights with China’s rapid rise and ageing population.

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota MotorCorp said, “When politics become chaotic, always it is the public who are sacrificed. We like to have a leader, one who can realise the difficulties the people are undergoing”.

Noda, Japan’s sixth PM in just six years and the third since the DPJ’s landslide election win, had three months before promised to set date for the exchange for opposition support for his pet policy to double the sales tax by 2015 to curb massive public debt.

The DPJ promised a better social safety net and more spending in welfare, but has struggled to deliver amid the economic downturn and 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.