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Thuppakki : Controversial scenes to be cut, earns big at Box Office

Chennai, Nov 16 (): Vijay’s most expected Diwali movie Thuppakki has opened very well than it was predicted to open, at the box office collection centres, but it is said that the movie has apparently upset the sentiments of the people in Muslim community. Following the protests made, the film’s makers have agreed immediately to delete the so-called ‘objectionable’ scenes.

As soon as the movie was released on Diwali day, the movie received rave reviews from film critics and the movie too witnessed an excellent opening at the box office. But, Vijay, director A. R. Murugadoss and producer Thaanu were really shocked to hear the protests made by an association of about 24 Muslim organizations, who demanded to remove some dialogues and scenes they considered offensive. Immediately, the makers decided to remove the controversial parts from the movie.

They called for a press conference to announce their decision and Thaanu said that they did not mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone. They regretted if some scenes had hurt the Muslim community. They also agreed to remove few of the controversial portions which were opposed by some Muslim organizations. The makers promised that they would remove the controversial scenes of the movie in 1 or 2 days from all prints of Thuppakki.

A. R. Murugadoss also generously apologized to the Muslim organisations.

To further pacify the Muslim community, SA Chandrashekar, Vijay’s father came into the argument and said that Vijay would never act in a movie which would hurt someone’s feelings. He said he wanted Vijay to fill in the hearts of all mothers, as his son and he himself respected all religions. He then promised that Vijay would act in any one of his films in future as a Muslim.

The matter appears to be resolved at this moment and the Muslim organizations have withdrawn their protest.