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TASMAC sells liquor worth Rs 250 crore for Deepavali

Chennai, Nov 16 () : Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC), the state-owned and authorized liquor-agency in the state of Tamil Nadu sold liquor worth a whopping Rs.250 crore this Deepavali. Reports say that liquor sales this year shot up by 25% compared to last year.

On Deepavali day alone, the state government is said to have amassed a revenue of about Rs 70 crore. Out of the overall hard liquor sales, brandy was the top-most choice comprising about 80% of total sales followed by rum, whiskey and vodka. Beer is said to be the least-preferred drink with only 70,000 cases sold out this festive season.

Since Friday,9th November, TASMAC outlets witnessed a sudden increase in sales. While 2.5 lakh cases of hard liquor were downed by the tipplers of Tamil Nadu on Friday, Saturday saw a sale of 2.6 lakh cases and Sunday saw yet another surge in sales touching about 2.65 lakh cases. Sales plunged to 1.8 lakh cases on Monday being a work day, TASMAC officials said.

Tamil Nadu boasts of having more than 6,800 TASMAC outlets across the state and the state government has ensured that each outlet stocks liquor worth Rs 35-50 lakhs at any point of time to ‘satisfy’ the customers’ needs throughout the day.

Based on the quantity and quality of liquor, prices of all liquor brands have increased by Rs 10-20 per bottle this season.

Other cities like Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy have also posted high sales of liquor this Deepavali.

TASMAC, established in 1983 by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MG Ramachandran was made the sole retail vendor of alcohol in Tamil Nadu by the AIADMK government of J Jayalalithaa in the year 2003. This government-owned corporation has seen a steady rise in revenue from Rs 2,828 crores in 2003 to Rs 18,081 crores last year which has certainly filled up the state coffers to a significant extent.

Wikipedia states that Tamil Nadu tops all the states of India in alcohol sales by volume.