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Russia restores space contact after cable rupture

Moscow, Nov 16 (): On Thursday, Russia re-established its communication with International Space Station (ISS) and civilian satellites after repairing a cable in Moscow that had been damaged during road works.

On Wednesday, the cable serving Russian mission control centre at Korolyov near Moscow was accidentally cut by the construction workers. Three teams were working at the spot to repair the broken cable outside Moscow.

Denis Rychka, Russian telecom company spokesman told that the cable broken has been repaired. Now the operators are testing the communication lines together with the Russian space agency, Roscosmos.

Interfax said that numerous vehicles from Akado Company that operates the communication cable had found the site of cable tear in about six hours on Wednesday.

The ruptured cable forced Russia to miss its contact with many of Russia’s satellites and a section of ISS. The Defense Ministry said that its military satellites were not affected as it uses its own communication channels.

While NASA and Roscomos insisted that this problem would not cause any impact on space station, this mishap is a main embarrassment for Russia which has battled many failures in its space programme in recent months.

Roscosmos spokesman stated the return of the cosmonauts Sunita Williams, Akihiko Hoshide and Yury Malenchenko from ISS to Earth remains as planned for 19th November despite this incident. The three astronauts will leave the other three crew members, Russia’s Yevgeny Tarelkin and Oleg Novitsky and United States’s Kevin Ford, who will be accompanied by another new crew of three on December 19.

After the mishap, the Russian experts have recommended for placing reserve cables to avoid such mishaps in future.

During the time of rupture in the cable, NASA said the communications disrupted was not a unique occurrence and stated that Russia always had ability to connect with its section of ISS from its US partners.