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CMC orders Karnataka to release 4.8 tmc of water to TN

New Delhi, Nov 16 (): Giving an order to Karnataka, the Cauvery Monitoring Committee (CMC) has directed the state to release 4.8 tmc of water to Tamil Nadu for the next two weeks, not paying much heed to the state which raised certain issues to settle earlier loss that was caused by Tamil Nadu.

Giving a strict order to Karnataka, the committee led by the secretary of water resources, stated that Karnataka should release 4.8 tmc of water from Nov 16 till end of the month. The committee in its eight-page order  also said that  as Karnataka has released additional supply of water for its neighbouring state in the recent past, it is not necessary for the state to release the entire 4.8 tmc water.

During the South-West monsoon season, on Nov 2 the state of Tamil Nadu in a written statement demanded the panel to fulfil the shortage of 52.5 tmc, which the committee strongly refused  by not willing to get mingled into the issue due to the lack of agreement.

While the committee could not find a better way to settle the dispute between both the states, sources in Karnataka said that it is better for the two states to approach the Supreme Court where the case is already filed and proceeding regarding the matter is going on.

Earlier during the month of October, Karnataka was directed to release 4 tmc of water to Tamil Nadu. On behalf of the order by the Supreme Court, the CMC requested the state of Tamil Nadu to give a written statement to the panel before November 2 and to mention the issues which it thinks is appropriate.

The bench headed by justices D K Jain and J S Khehar stated, “The Court orders the CMC to look into the matters of the states and make possible solution.” The court also said that both the states are requested to obey the CMC order for an amicable solution.