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Beer shampoo comes to India

Mumbai, Nov 16  (): Beer shampoo made famous by Catherine Zeta Jones is to come to India. This product will be introduced all over the country by Raymond Group which has men’s grooming brands of Park Avenue.

Zones had revealed that her hair’s luscious growth was due to beer shampoo. Abroad it has become a cult. The malt and hops in beer are protein-rich and aids the growth and strength of hair. Some time back this product was tested in the market on a small-scale and now Raymond will nationally market it.

Raymond shirting and suiting for men are leaders in the apparel sector. Raymond stores later on added grooming products for men under the Park Avenue brand. The men’s grooming product market is worth Rs 3000 cr and top shampoo brands are HUL’s All Clear and Procter and Gamble’s Head and Shoulder. These two brands will now compete with beer shampoo. Among the men’s grooming products, the largest selling product is the fairness cream and the all-time favourites are deodorants, moisturisers and shaving creams.

Today’s male now shops for anti-wrinkle cream, under-eye gel and body washes. However these products do not come in the Park Avenue brand that is 25-years old.

J&K Helene Curtis, a part of Raymonds grooming business has room fresheners and scents. In India, according to market survey the usage of shampoo is limited to only males in urban areas. Out of the total Rs 3000 cr market from grooming products, shampoo share is only 20%. Analysts predict a 20% increase in the next two years.

Gautam Singhania owned Raymond has consumer products, engineering projects, textile and retail. It has Parx and Colour Plus brands. The entry of beer shampoo will kick-start a new revolution in grooming industry like the coming of Axe brand in perfumes for men.