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Thuppaki – Exclusive Review

 Thuppaki - Exclusive Review

Nov 15 (): Murugadoss is back this Diwali with an action blockbuster that out-beats the Diwali fireworks. This is not just a festival treat for viewers but also a tribute to the Indian Army. Vijay in his best (special thanks for not jumping across sky-scrapers), Kajal Agarwal scores rounds of applause from the audience. Satyan and Jairam too have contributed much to the humour sequences.

Jawan or an Undercover Agent!

Jagdeesh (Vijay), a Tamilian residing in Mumbai is a jawan in Indian Army and also an undercover Defence Intelligence Agent. He returns to his family at Mumbai on a forty-day leave and his family hurries him to marry off to Nisha(Kajal) – another Mumbai-based Tamil resident. Initially, Jagdeesh denies her for thinking her to be too timid and frivolous. But later when he realizes she’s quite the contradictory, it’s her turn to deny! When both console and come to a saturation point of acknowledging the fact they like each other, it’s too late for there’s another groom waiting for Nisha. And the funny part is he’s the senior ranking officer(Jayaram) on Jagadeesh’s battalion.

As this funny romance sprouts up on a side, there is another side of busy Mumbai where a major bombing attack covering 12 crowded areas is being planned. Jagdeesh foils the plan, takes out all twelve  sleeper cells at the same time with his eleven other army friends. From then on, the plot boards on a speedy train with the destination pointing to the kingpin(played by Vidyut Jamwal) who triggers the sleeper cells spread across. But that isn’t an easy task, it might even cost him his life. Can he risk that? That’s for you to find out from cinemas near you.

 Thuppaki - Exclusive Review


Vijay: Eyes close, lips open

Kajal: mm hmm, kana moodina nee odipoi olinjuduva!
<<No way, instead of kissing you’ll go n hide!>>

Vidyut Jamwal: I don’t know who you are, or where you are. But you’ve killed 12 of my men including my brother. Am coming for you!
Vijay: Am waiting

Mom: Dai, vayasagikite iruku da!
<<You are already aging>>

Vijay: Oru naal’le vayasagidadhu ma!
<<Seriously, do you think I’ll age in a single day!>>


Cinematography is resplendent. Satyam has focussed on covering each and every tiny little part. For instance, when the dog sniffs the way to villains, as it’s the dog’s perspective, the screen goes black and white as the dog is colour blind!

Kajal is gorgeous like a google doodle in Google Google number

 Thuppaki - Exclusive Review


Some of the plans plotted are brilliant and tech-savvy, yet some hardly make any sense.

Who the heck gives time to plan, you tend to think – has the villain gone nuts!

If you had seen Unthinkable, you might think be able to recognize where Jagdeesh’s stone-hearted practices were copied from.


Murugadoss plays a cameo in the movie in the Google Google song

Best Rated    : 5.5/ 10
Worst Rated : 6/ 10

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