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Man who tattooed face with Romney logo says life has turned to living hell!

Washington, Nov. 14 (ANI): Some Republicans would like to forget Mitt Romney’s losing presidential campaign, but pro-wrestler Eric Hartsburg, who tattooed the Romney campaign logo onto the side of his face, does not have that option.

“Totally disappointed, man,” Hartsburg told Politico when asked about Romney’s loss.

“I’m the guy who has egg all over his face, but instead of egg, it’s a big Romney/Ryan tattoo. It’s there for life,” he said.

According to the report, Hartsburg used the online auction house eBay to sell a 5-by-2-inch space on the side of his face for 15,000 dollars to an anonymous Romney fan.

The 30-year-old Indiana resident said that he has taken a fair share of flak since Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama last week.

“I’ve gotten a lot of negative stuff, a lot of ‘F U’s,’” Hartsburg said, adding: “It’s all kinds of ribbage, man. … ‘Your guy lost!’ ‘What are you going to do now?’”

He said he has learned some lessons from the experience, mainly that “the Republican Party needs quite a bit of reform,” mostly in winning over young voters, the report said

However, he doesn’t have any regrets.

“I’m a tattoo guy, and it was something fun,” he said.

“I was trying to make politics fun. I didn’t change no lives; I’m no hero. But I shed blood for this campaign, and I’m glad to know that I did all that I could,” he added. (ANI)