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Over 20 ‘Romney-voting states’ file petition for ‘separation from US’ post Obama’s re-election

Washington, Nov. 13 (ANI): Over 100,000 Americans have reportedly signed a petition, submitted to the White House to allow their states to separate from the US, after Barack Obama was re-elected as the President.

Over 20 states which had filed their appeal on the White House’s We the People website had voted for Republican Mitt Romney, the BBC reports.

According to the report, most of the petitions merely quote the opening line of America’s Declaration of Independence from Britain, in which America’s founders stated their right to “dissolve the political bands” and form a new nation.

Currently, the most popular petition is from Texas, which voted for Romney by some 15 percent points more than it did for the Democratic incumbent, the report said.

However, the US constitution does not contain any clause that allows states to leave the union, the report added.

The White House has not responded to the petitions. (ANI)