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New Pak batting coach will have to ‘get into heads’ of batters to be effective: Ian Pont

Karachi, Nov. 13 (ANI): International bowling coach Ian Pont has said that the new batting coach of the Pakistan team is going to have to be a man manager of players, with a supreme understanding of how to educate and ‘get into the heads’ of the batting unit, to be successful.

“One of the biggest problems with appointing a batting coach for Pakistan is that the batsmen may not even listen. That’s not to say that a professional batting coach wouldn’t have anything important to add or have any vital input,” Pak Passion quoted Pont, as saying.

“The psyche of Pakistan is in stroke making. There is no issue with that. In fact it is to be applauded that a batsman seeks to score quickly or dominate a bowling attack. But where things have started to go wrong for Pakistan is they haven’t yet fully mastered the resolve of batting for long periods, often against accurate or testing bowling,” he added.

“That isn’t to say that batting is the weak link – far from it. In recent times it is the pace bowling unit that has caused issues, but you need to have a top order laden with players who can occupy the crease for long periods whilst being able to obliterate bad balls,” he further added.

Pont said that a batting coach for Pakistan, therefore, has a slightly different role than simply throwing the ball in the nets to batsmen or to show them how to play drives, cuts, and pulls.

For a batting coach to work appropriately, be effective, and also help develop the mindset, one important thing has to happen, he said. And that is the players have to buy in to the same mantra that is being taught. Only then will the team be on the path to acting and behaving as if they have a common purpose, he added.

“I don’t think it matters who ends up coaching the batting for the Pakistan side. That’s because the solutions are inwards looking and not external. It’s only when you work though issues with a player and help them overcome a mental hurdle, that you can get them to become a better cricketer,” Pont said. (ANI)