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Jagadiah Shettigar seeks Gadkari’s resignation

Bangalore, Nov 10 (): In wake of the BJP president Nitin Gadkari‘s  dubious funding allegation in his Purti firm, one more BJP’s national executive member Jagadish Shettigar  has demanded Gadkari’s resignation from the party’s top post.

“Nitin Gadkariji being a swayam sewak  should  protect the party’s interest and therefore in the best interest of the country, he is bound to step down from his post. I have full confidence;being a RSS worker,Gadkari will follow the principles of the party,” said the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

The Karnataka Chief Minister also said that following the charges on Gadkari, the public has lost faith in the party and keeping in mind about the party’s image Gadkari should not make further delay in tendering his resignation.

Denying to give his opinion regarding the clean chit given to Gadkari by S Gurumurthy, RSS ideologue Mr Shettigar alleged that he has no idea and has also not come across the reports, but claimed that it would be suitable if an interior system is arranged to trace the people who are linked with corruptions.

Following the BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani and his son who had expressed their displeasure in Gadkari continuing in the party’s highest post, Mr Shettigar also had similar views asking the BJP president to quit the party post as it might ruin the party’s image in the coming elections.

While talking to reporters, Mr  Shettigar, a RSS worker from his childhood said that  no one knew whether the allegations are right or wrong. It has to be confirmed by the respective authorities. But the party cannot expect the public to wait till then, said the CM of Karnataka.

He added that public opinion has to be responded immediately as the party cannot take risk by waiting for the ultimate truth. Merging Yeddyurappa’s allegations with Gadkari, the Karnataka CM said that though Yeddyurappa was not declared guilty, he had to step down from his CM post owing to a strong public perception.