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US basketball club cheerleaders debut skimpier outfits

London, Nov. 8 (ANI): US basketball club Dallas Mavericks’ cheerleading team took to the playing arena for the half-time show, wearing short, white spandex dresses with cut-out panels, it has been revealed.

Although skimpy dresses are run-of-the-mill for women performing the daring and athletic routines at professional sports games, the briefness of the cheerleaders new ensemble could raise some eyebrows.

The outfits have brought the Mavericks at par with another bunch of cheerleaders in the same Texas city – the Dallas Cowboys’ dancers, who are known for the briefness of their hemline, the Daily Mail reported.

But despite the Mavericks’ prominent public profiles – up to 16,000 fans have been known to attend games at their home stadium in Texas – the financial reward is somewhat lacking as they are paid a flat rate per performance.

Most of the club’s dancers – a commitment which can involve three practices and three games a week – are employed in other careers.

The cheerleaders are professional dancers, elementary school teachers, radiologists and sales girls. (ANI)