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Over 3 million Afghan refugees returned from Pakistan since 2002, says UNHCR

Peshawar, Nov. 8 (ANI): Since 2002, as many as 3.7 million Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan through UNHCR’s largest voluntary repatriation programme, while around 1.66 million registered Afghan refugees remained in Pakistan, according to an UNHCR press release.

The UNHCR announced that it would offer an enhanced return package to every registered Afghan voluntarily returning to Afghanistan under the agency’s facilitated return programme. The new package is for a limited period of time from November until December 31, reports The News.

The enhanced package includes one standard UNHCR non-food item kit per family and free limited transport from the repatriation centres in Pakistan to the encashment centres inside Afghanistan.

The UNHCR has observed an overall 34 percent increase in return trends this year, compared to 2011. With the enhanced return package, the number of returning refugees has grown after Eid. (ANI)