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Kamal Haasan birthday treat, new Vishwaroopam Aura 3D trailer

Chennai, Nov 8 (): Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan born on November 7, 1954 celebrated his 58th birthday yesterday. As his birthday treat to his fans, Kamal Haasan at the Sathyam Cinemas released the new Vishwaroopam Aura 3D trailer. Vishwaroopam becomes the first film in Asia and second in the world to feature this advanced sound technology.

On the way to the theatre, crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite star on his birthday and the roads taking to Sathyam theatre were adorned with posters greeting Kamal on his birthday.

The hall inside the Satyam theatres had two striking new posters of Vishwaroopam which showed a still of Kamal in the backdrop of both the Indian and U.S flags. Kamal Haasan screened the Aura 3D sound mixed trailer in Six Degrees screen.

During the screening of the trailer, Kamal reasoned out the postponement of Vishwaroopam audio launch and with the fact not to disappoint his fans, Kamal used the stage to reveal a new trailer of Vishwaroopam in Auro 3D template.

The grand event ran live online to benefit a wider audience located in many cities. This new trailer was also screened online. Before the launch of the new trailer, the earlier trailer was shown to highlight the difference regarding sound effects between the 5.1 surround which was used in the first trailer and the Auro 3D effect used in the new one.

The new trailer had some fresh dialogues, visuals which were never before seen and a entirely new viewing experience was added by effects of Auro 3D.

Kamal said that there is still some work going on in the Hindi version. Over 3000 prints of the film will be released in three languages and the film may also proceed to Hollywood as arrangements are being made for that, given the scale and quality of the movie.