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Shukla advises ‘uncle’ Jethmalani to refrain from personal attacks on Rahul

New Delhi, Nov. 6 (ANI): Congress MP Rajiv Shukla on Tuesday lashed out at BJP MP and veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani for targetting Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter is making personal attacks without knowing anything and without any substance.

Shukla said Jethmalani is too old to make such an observation about Rahul Gandhi.

“As far as Jethmalani is concerned, I can only advise ‘uncle’ Jethmalani that he should stay away from these kinds of observations. He is too old, too senior to make such an observation about Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is not saying anything against Mr. Jethmalani,” said Shukla.

“We can also make similar allegations, but we are not doing that looking at his seniority. But why you are making personal attacks without knowing anything, without any substance,” he added.

Shukla claimed that Jethmalani had earlier during the NDA regime said on the floor of the house that the BJP Government-led by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the most corrupt one.

“He is the same Jethmalani who on the floor of the house had said that BJP is the most corrupt party and BJP Government led by Mr. Vajpayee is the most corrupt government ever in history. And he himself had said that I apologise for making allegations against Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in Bofors case,” said Shukla.

“So, he was same Mr. Jethmalani who had made these kinds of statements, now since he has become the MP of BJP he has started making these kinds of allegations against our leaders. I don’t think we should attach any importance or accord any importance to what Jethmalani is saying,” he added.

Shukla further alleged that there are too much internal squabbles within the BJP.

“I don’t think this party can provide leadership to the country because when they are in opposition they are fighting amongst themselves to this extent that means even if by mistake they get power they cannot run the country, they will keep on fighting amongst themselves; and there will be complete chaos if they come to power. So, the people of India should think that they should not bring these people into power who keep on fighting; even when they are in opposition, they can’t remain together,” said Shukla.

“So, within the BJP there is too much fight, too much squabbles, everybody is accusing each other, their party president is being targeted and all sorts of allegations re being levelled against him. So, I don’t think that this party is capable of providing leadership to the country,” he added.

Jethmalani, who demanded BJP President Nitin Gadkari’s resignation earlier in the day, questioned Rahul Gandhi’s potential as a leader, saying the Congress General Secretary is an ‘illiterate’ who is about to be dumped on this country.

“On one side, you have Mr. Gadkari who brackets Swami Vivekananda with Dawood. On the other side, our future Prime Minister, who is about to be dumped on this country, does not know the difference between Kargil and FDI,” he said.

Jethmalani said that he has made no secret of the fact that he considers Rahul Gandhi to be an ‘illiterate’.

“What is his educational qualification? Have you ever heard one quotable quote from this man during the last ten years?” he asked.

Asserting that Lal Bahadur Shashtri, ‘a Congress man’, was the greatest Prime Minister of India according to him, Jethmalani said ‘it seems that there is no brave voice left in the Congress Party’.

“It only consists of psycho funds and flatterers who are serving a corrupt family. It is this conflict, which keeps me in politics. I owe it to the nation,” he added.

Jethmalani also took on the media, saying ‘large sections of the press have become party people’. (ANI)