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NASA’s ‘Spot the Station’ text alerts will help track ISS in sky

Washington, Nov 5 (): NASA has put forth a new facility that would send people text messages about when ISS, the International Space Station is over their house. This service was framed to celebrate ISS’s 12th anniversary of crew members living and working aboard the station.

The service, “Spot the Station” will send you a text message as the ISS passes over your house. Even if the International Space Station is the 3rd brightest object visible in sky after the Moon and the Sun, most people still cannot tell where the orbiting laboratory is. This NASA’s ‘Spot the Station’ service is available worldwide, to all who have an email account or SMS-enabled phone.  Those who sign up get an email or text message with a few hours warning that the space station is approaching. You can sign up for the service by visiting http://spotthestation.nasa.gov.

NASA advises subscribers to pick the listed location closest to theirs, as the station will be visible over a long distance around any given location. Spot the Station will analyse the station’s proximity in more than 4,600 positions on the Earth and update its information number of times per week. When the skies are clear, ISS typically appears as fast-moving point of light, similar to Venus. The service also notifies the users that the station is clearly visible above buildings, trees and the other objects.

William Gerstenmaier, the associate administrator of NASA for the human explorations and operations, said, “We are achieving science on space station and it helps to improve the life on Earth and would pave way for the future exploration of deep space.”

He said, “It is really remarkable to view the international space station glide overhead and at the same time to realize how humans have built a complex in the space that can be seen from Earth by almost all looking up at the right place and at the right moment.”