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Modi condoles Kailashpati Mishra’s death, receives warm welcome in Patna

Patna, Nov 5 (): Desiring Narendra Modi to become the next Prime Minister, BJP workers chanted slogans supporting Modi to be the next Prime Minister who reached Patna on Sunday to pay floral tributes to BJP leader Kailashpati who died on Saturday. “A man like Modi is the only one eligible to be the prime minister,” shouted BJP party workers.

Since twenty-eight months Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who  did not visit Patna was received with a warm welcome by the workers who wanted Modi to become the next PM. Modi last visited Patna in the year 2010 at the BJP national executive meeting which was held in the month of June.

Straight from Patna airport, Modi drove to Mishra’s residence on Sunday afternoon on a special flight. Some senior BJP leaders including Rajya Sabha member Ravishankar Prasad accompanied Modi to the departed leader ‘s residence and stayed there for fifteen minutes before returning back to Gujarat.

While talking to reporters after coming out of the expired leader Kailashpati Mishra’s residence Modi said, “Mishra has been a bridge between the state and the central government  while he was  serving  as the Gujarat governor and has  also been a good instructor for a number of party workers all over the country.”

Considered to be one of the powerful leader of the BJP and a tough competitor for the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi failed to share a pleasing friendship with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, whose photograph was slashed in an advertisement that emerged in the local newspapers earlier in a BJP meeting while holding hands with Modi.

Nitish Kumar after this incident was not happy with Modi’s activities and even cancelled a dinner which he arranged for the BJP leaders. Confirming his disapproval, Nitish Kumar also returned back Rs. five crore cheque donated by the government of Gujarat for the sake of the Kosi flood victims.